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1) Title awarded to Hammad Shaukat for his services towards the greater good of humanity.
2) Hammad Shaukat himself. He is also known by some other aliases, like SirSaith Schottkey, 'Mmad Shaukee, etc.
3) A person who doesn't reply to emails. A very derogatory term; use with caution.
1. "I, Kummu Qasai, the King of faggots, award you, Mr. Khoutah, the noble title of SirSaith. You shall be known as SirSaith from now on."
"No but's, child."
"But I don't deserve this title and..."
"Oh, you don't? Okay, fag. Bye."

2. "SirSaith Hammad Shaukat, how are you?"
... no reply...

3. a. I never reply to any electronic mail sent to me. Therefore, I am proud to be a SirSaith.
b. Person A: "Oay, reply kyoun nahi karta tu? Khud ko SirSaith samjhta hai?"
Person B: "Did you just call me SirSaith?!"
Person A: "Sorry yaara, ghulti ho gayee; I didn't mean to say that."
by Madiyaan February 10, 2005
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