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Any real person(not a bot or program) who spams the hell out of your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites, or email box with items all day long.
Guy: I had to delete Angela, but that's ok I didn't like her in High School anyways.
Girl: Why'd you delete her?
Guy: She's a Sir Spam-A-Lot! She posted a never-ending barrage of iJango updates and statuses. I tried to tell her about it and she got really mad so I deleted her. Best move I ever made on Facebook!
Girl: I know, her status update rate is pretty ridiculous.
Guy: Tell me about it! I just want to tell her that her stupid program is never going to be anything and that she should get a real job, but she'll fall on her face like she did with Agloco, and I will be there to laugh and laugh. Haha.
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. November 28, 2010
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