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(BC-present) The oldest living man on Earth. Part of or witnessed nearly all the major events the world has seen. Has evolved over time and aged gracefully. Unwritten in the record books, this historic creature is described as highly intellectual, miniature in size and possess various behaviors (see definitions of Emo, Queer, Badheart, Cinderella Syndrome & Douche). With a sophisticated brain and an arguably wide experience, it is believed that He may have the largest stored information (evident in the size of his head) that along with it contains the missing pieces to complete the mysteries of the past. Though immensely intelligent, it is however an unanswered question as to why he hasn't graduated yet. Legend has it that constant heartbreak is the steady reason that has led him to innumerable failures and until this day he still struggles to overcome. Moreover, He without a doubt, deserves a place in history and Times Magazine should name him, "MAN OF TWO MILLENIUMS".

Unknown facts about Sir Greco Lazaro:

became the first man to tame a dinosaur
was the serpent who tempted eve (serpent only a symbol)
invented most ancient languages

designed the stonehenge
first person to ride a dragon
popularized homosexuality among Greek men
first person to acquire STD.
exiled by the Greeks for being a carrier of STD
joined forces with Xerxes to avenge himself against the Greeks
from 6 ft tall, downsized and molded himself to look like his idol Dr. Jose Rizal (current appearance)
You're a Sir Greco Lazaro

derogatory statement that means you're old and gay

Sir Greco Lazaro=old and gay
by ACJ221991 December 18, 2013
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