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Sioda is the best friend ever. He is always there for yo-Who am I kidding? Sioda is the worst little bitch EVER. He complains about EVERYTHING and he thinks he is always right. He's really stupid too. He can't read at ALL. Like, He's dumb. He has a girlfriend and he can't even treat her right. He never tells her anything and leaves her without saying goodbye. Like seriously. If I were her, I would dump him like a hot potato. Oh my god I saw Sioda kicking an old lady in a wheelchair one day. A bus crashed into her and she freaking died and squashed and the road was all dusty. ANYWAYS, Sioda is stupid. Don't make friends with him
Grandma: Hello. Will me across the street?
Sioda:Bitch, help yourself. Jesus Christ, You're such a dusty bitch. *Kicks her down the street*
And then, she got hit by a bus. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sioda was laughing all the way to the hospital.
by 123456789765432134567 August 05, 2011
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