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When you're single, this can occur at any point, and everyone around you starts becoming attractive and you start to develop pointless crushes on anyone who spends any kind of time with you.
"Dude, I think I am falling in love with the girl who sits behind me in chemistry."
"She has a boil on her chin, and smells like old baking grease... it's just the single goggles, bro."
by BuckinNightmare September 06, 2017
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Single, ready to mingle. That's all it ends up to be. You're not invested in anyone, so what harm would it be ? This opportunity allows you to look, stare, make comments that are sexual to the opposite sex (or same) you're freely open and care-free.
You are on those single goggles, after you went through that breakup.
by ninjaincombat. October 20, 2014
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