Single Mother of Zero
Women at or approaching their biological clock for motherhood yet have no children and take their childlessness out on the world, treating the whole world like their child. (not exclusive to women, men can also do this, only if they're the beta type though)
Smoz (Single Mother of Zero)
The smoz mob canceled another one... (smoz version of grounding)
Stop Smozthering everyone, go have a kid.

Lmao this smoz (in context of someone being over bearing treating strangers like their children).
by 001TMR December 29, 2022
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The words one puts while filing taxes to acquire a tax return. Commonly used by college students whose parents have a "tax guy."
While filing taxes, Louis put down "single zero" and got that bread back from the government.
by vrmegabyte March 18, 2017
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