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When someone uses a song to display their emotions at a time when they are uncreative, procrastinating, and or want attention. Generally followed by a heart symbol or smiley emoticon. The usual response is predictable and can follow in 3 paths:

A. Complete adoration of the song in question

B. Complete adoration of the artist in question

C. A lyric comment war

Status: Alice Malev "The Kill -- 30 Seconds to Mars <3"

---"OMG i luv that song!!!!!!! wut's up???"

---"wtf i wuz just lisening to 30S2M!!!! kings and queens is soooooooo good!"

---"you say you wanted more what are you waiting for? im not running from you"
---"come break me down, marry me, bury me, i am finished with you!!!!!!"

---"Guys, sing in the shower, stop singing in the status."
by davidrawrs! March 01, 2010
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