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Warm lips, cool tongue. The Singapore Sting involves multi-tasking, by giving a blow job while keeping a strong breath mint, like an Altoid, in the corner of your mouth.

The receiver experiences a zen-like sensation, a yin and yang of sorts, as the warm lips of the giver contrasts with the strong, cooling, prickly feel of the mint. Hot and cold, suck on it then suck it off.

The Singapore Sting derives it's name from one of the world's most famous beverages, The Singapore Sling, coined at the internationally renowned Raffles Hotel in Singapore and enjoyed by celebrities and world-figures year round.

The act itself is based on a technique known popularly as the "air-con" and used by prostitutes in Singapore's red light districts.

Cheers to the Singapore Sting!
"Yo, Paul, it's a freaking hot and humid in Singapore today. Let's have a drink at the Long Bar at the Raffles and cool off with a Singapore Sling."

"No thanks Jeff, I'm going to head on down to Geylang and get my balls and dick cooled off with a Singapore Sting instead. Later!"
by sugarkane11 December 12, 2011
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