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1. An upcoming hip-hop artist from Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
2. Hip-hop's savior

1. the loss of all inhibitions followed by a warm tingly sensation in the vaginal region in the female human body.

Who is Sinatti Pop?! Well, he's a rising artist from the Philadelphia area who seems to be raising the bar of hip-hop again. Something that has been needed to be done for quite some time. Sinatti Pop is bringing back the need for quality lyrics, catchy and emotional beats, and a very unique flow. Sinatti Pop was born is raised in Pottstown, PA, a small suburb of Philadelphia. He caught on to music at an early age with his first interest being audio engineering and sound quality. Overtime that interest gradually evolved to Sinatti Pop creating his own music to bump through the very speakers he was first attracted to.
NOUN: "Yes! Hip-hop's savior has arrived and his name is Sinatti Pop.

VERB: Dude #1: "Yo where'd my date go?" Dude #2: "Dude, Sinatti Pop came through and he Sinatti Popped her!"
by Jimmy Iovine October 15, 2011
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