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Simply Marvelous™ is an all-new line of snowboarding apparel and streetwear designed especially for all you shredding betties out there. Whether you're gearing up to bomb your local mountain, or hittin' the town for a fun night out with the gals, our sweet graphics and designs will have you feeling as fresh and free as the pow you ride. Ladies, our bodies were designed to ride; it takes strength, skill, determination, and grace. So why not look good doing it? If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, your riding's good. Be independent. Be creative. Be one in a million. Be simply marvelous.
My girls and I created this company in hopes to inspire and encourage all female snowboarders to get out there and ride your hearts away, no matter your age or skill level. There's a peace to be found on the lift. There's a home to be found at the lodge. There's an entire family to be found on the mountain. You can find us there, a sisterhood and a team. So come on! Support us! For more information, or if you just have general questions regarding Simply Marvelous™ and how you can become more involved, e-mail Alaynee at
Chick 1:Hey have you heard of Simply Marvelous?

Chick 2:Ha dude yea! They are the shit! I love there clothes! It's just the thing the girl snowboard community needed.

Chick 1:Its almost as good as Shred the Gnar hahahahahha
by mercedes23 June 02, 2009
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