Is a Professional German Mezzo-Soprano singer known for being the Frontwoman of the Symphonic Metal band "Epica" since she was 16 years old.

With her red hair, white porcelain skin and beautiful blue eyes.. she has stolen the hearts from her loyal fans and winned attention all over the world thanks to her talent and beautiful voice.
*Simone Simons can be heard too in the video "The Haunting (Somewhere in time)" of the american metal band Kamelot.

* Simone Simons can be found at her myspace web: or in the band's web
by AnnChristabel February 27, 2008
Dutch Mezzo-soprano singer who is the lead vocalist of symphonic metal band Epica. She gained a recent explosion in popularity due to the blogger known as Element continuously posting videos of himself fapping to her music videos. This was particularly odd to many members of the internet community due to Simons' reputation of being extremely unattractive. It has also been rumoured that she may in fact have a penis, but these allegations have not been confirmed.
Guy 1: What was Joe doing last night?

Guy 2: Not sure, probably fapping to Simone Simons again.
by Omni64 February 22, 2010