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1) Often mistaken for the game "simon says".

2) Simon Sayes... Simon Sayes hi and girls slowly melt. He is someone who is stunning, gorgeous and one of the most caring people you could have in their life. A Godsend, an Angel. And he deserves to be appreciated and loved accordingly. He'll be there to catch your back when you've fallen so treasure him. And even if he doesn't believe it, he is beyond amazing and the best howdie partner anyone or any girl could ever ask for. Intelligent, charming and charismatic, he will steal your heart as soon as you look into his eyes. And truly, he's so amazing... desired by many... loved by all

3) as a verb to be a Simon Sayes is synonymous to acting in a manner so great, fantastic, fabulous, awesome and funny in epic proportions. It's almost impossible to find people who can pull of a Simon Sayes, apart from Simon Sayes him self. He's special, unique, one-of-a-kind and entirely lovable.
1) simon says smile

2) i wish i was as nice and kind as Simon Sayes.

everyone loves simon

3) ... sorry only a Simon Sayes can verb his name
by onetwentyeightam July 03, 2010
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