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Being a Lieutenant, he is second in command of the Task Force 141 and is seen wearing dark red sunglasses and a skull patterned balaclava. He is in various missions on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and during the mission "Loose Ends" he along with Gary "Roach" Sanderson get betrayed by Sheperd who after shooting them, orders other soldiers to throw their bodies in a ditch and covered in gasoline, then Sherperd lights a Cigar and throws it on them leaving you to assume they both die.
Simon "Ghost" Riley's quotes-
"Roach, hang in there!"
"Bloody hell those trucks are bulletproofed!"
"It's gonna get bloody."

Gamer1: Ghost wast the shit!
Gamer2: Sucks he had to die!
Gamer1: Time to get revenge on Sheperd!!!
by zigzagelfy May 08, 2010
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