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A PC gaming community focusing on the Battlefield series and originated playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX).

They use the "clan tags" =DedMen=

SimGameIt makes mods of freeware aircraft and mod files for payware aircraft. They also make mods for the Battlefield series.

The main objective of the community is to have fun and help others with their PC's and PC gaming.

SimGameIt was founded in 2006 by Mike Callahan.
SimGameIt, Were Right on Target!

SimGameIt, Home of the Black Ops.

SimGameIt, Home of the =DedMen= clan.
by SimGameIt May 03, 2010
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A gay clan made by Mike "Dick Eater" Callahan. He likes to go around and proclaim SimGameIt is a "company", and he makes addons.

All he really does is sit in his basement using a free website making tool, and reducing his risk of prostrate cancer by 33% while looking up his fake microlight he owns.
Mike Callahan is a dick eating faggot

Hey, did you hear about Mike Dick Eater Callahan? He wanks off to microlights. SimGameIt
by Dasdm March 22, 2013
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