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Silvermine is a very nice part of Norwalk that is often failed to be mentioned. This is strange because Silvermine has some very nice attractions including: the Silvermine Tavern and Silvermine Elementary School. There is also a Silvermine River which runs through this part of town. Contrary to popular belief, there was never a silver mine in the vicinity, but Silvermine is still possibly the richest area of Norwalk. If you do not believe me, understand that Silvermine also is part of Wilton and New Canaan.
Someone from Silvermine is at a rich gathering.
New Rich Acquaintance: Ew, you are from Norwalk?!
Silverminer: No, I am from Silvermine.
New Rich Acquaintance: Oh, phew...
by Goofy 94 August 01, 2007
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