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noun; sexual act: taking four separate fishing hooks, piercing each quadrant of the external anal sphincter with one hook per quadrant, and tying the attached fishing line to four separate doorknobs, the attached doors of which are subsequently slammed shut; once the anus has been stretched open to an appropriate diameter, a medical student's head is inserted into the bleeding orifice; once the students head is inside the sigmoid colon, a large-shouldered Hispanic woman fucks the student in the ass with a strap-on dildo shaped like a shark until the fishing hooks rip out of the sphincter and the woman dies of massive blood loss OR septicemia from fecal contamination of the bloodstream
Dude, I just started OB/GYN, and I feel like I totally got a Silver Suzie Man last night while I was on call.
by Blankety Blankstein September 14, 2010
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