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Silly Emo Kid (Noun)

A silly emo kid is a young lad or lass who didn't get hugged enough/got hugged too much growing up. They can not deal with the pressures of suburban upper middle class raising, and have obviously been disenfranchised at every turn by society as a whole.

They rebel against this discrimination by smoking any (semi)solid substance they can find, and hanging out in large, sad groups. They listen to each other sing, blog about their hidden loves, and cry loudly in bathrooms.

They are the future of America. Oh joy.
Tom: Lookie, it's that silly emo kid Suzie with emo boy Markus. Hey Markus! Cheer up, emo kid!

Markus - Aw... I'm so sad and lonely.
by Steve in January 24, 2006
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