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A Silly Binilly is someone with a unique personality, They do odd things, are very clumsy, quite shy, and get tongue twisted when feeling anxious. Silly Binillys are also funny and very entertaining friends.
You silly binilly! You have your shoes on the wrong feet!

silly binillys fix their shirt while having sex.

Silly binillys like to use sounds to express themselves like: Ehh, Err, Ehmmm, Ughh, Ahhh, Muahaha etc.

Your shirts on backwards you silly binilly!

silly binillys wear a hat during sex.

silly binillys chew gum while having sex.

Person:"Hey can you get my phone sitting by the fridge"
silly binilly: "Yeah sure"
Person:"cool thanks"
(5 minutes later)
person: "Hey were is it"
Silly binilly: "where's what"
person:"the phone"
Silly binilly: "you never asked me"
Person: "yes i did you sillybinilly"
silly binilly: oh ahh eh hehe sorry i wasn't paying attention.
by SexyLexiiii June 26, 2011
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