A group of infamous, anonymous producers and rappers said to have met in Leeds. They are well known for their gritty depictions of urban life with a comical twist. Although unsigned to a major record label the smooth production of their songs has created a large underground following throughout the hip-hop scene of the UK.
The debut self-titled track, 'Silent G', discussed drug use, women, cars, guns and the police which suggests that these rappers have led a criminal life, similarly to the west coast rappers of the USA (See, Dre Dre, Snoop Dogg etc).
Silent G demand respect and many critics believe them to be the biggest new artists to appear on the Hip-Hop scene since the Fat Boys.
when i stroll through town, i'm making money, i'm rolling fat doobies and i'll whisper something funny, police don't like me cos i'm way too quiet, don't point the finger at me or you'll start a f**cking riot...'

Chorus: 'i wanna be a Silent G, i know its meant to be'...
by 666888 March 18, 2011
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on simpsons and means silent GUY
i got to spell out wat you mean to me because i can no longer be a silent-g
by rexann March 10, 2007
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