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A useful glitch(?) used in the online game Soldier Front.
Used by players (typically the snipers or people using rifles) to take out an enemy and not reveal their position.

~Once learned and practiced, it's freaking easy to perform.
~Even if you mess up, you've taken out a player and given your team an advantage.

~If you mess up, you've revealed your position.
~If you don't mess up the silent part but still miss, they can still hear the audio of the bullet whistling bye, and they know they're being watched (peeping tom).
~Follows the one-shot one-kill rule. NEVER use in close combat.

How to perform:
~1.OF COURSE have your position on the field (usually in a confined or covered space where you can peep out and shoot).

~2.Before you take your gun out, switch to your knife.

~3(a).Switch to your gun.

~3(b).OPTIONAL take a practice shot. To perform, shoot and simulateously press F on your keyboard. If pressed at the exact same time, you will mess up. It's like shooting 1 milisecond after the shot. THIS TAKES PRACTICE.

~4.Wait for your target and shoot! Be patient, have good aim and good luck.
Silent Shot is not used by the "pros."
It's just another glitch. Get over it idiots it's a game.
by Gibbusflame March 23, 2009
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