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People who say nothing in person, in school, at work, on the phone, in a text or anywhere in the world but says EVERYTHING on facebook, likes pretty much everything, comments on everything and post status every hour like "I just gave my cat a pickle, he didn't like it." that doesn't help anyone else out or is humorous in any way. It's just annoying that they don't have the balls to speak in real life plus they look angry pretty much all the time and has a small group of friends.

P.s. they also use a shitload of shortened words or text language or watever its called.
Girl 1= talkative girl
Girl 2=Silent Facebook

Girl 1:Hey hows was your day.
Girl 2: good.
Girl 1: What did you do?
Girl 2: Nothing
Girl 1: What are you gonna do today?
Girl 2: Idk


Girl 1: Hey it was nice talking to you at __________

Girl 2: Thanks you too, I really like your shoes we should hang, I like have to tell you stuff, let's go to the mall, I wanted to ask Bobby out but he's your Ex so I don't know but anyway Im on my period lol but I ran out of tampons guess Im unlucky lol, but yeah, ok, like see ya.

Girl 1:.....
by Hi you don't know me April 24, 2011
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