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To throw up from the smell of any alcoholic beverage.

This includes vomiting from holding a shot glass of tequila close to the nasal area and regurgitating homemade Indian food from the distinct scent of beer.

It may also include sniffing a shot glass that previously had some alcoholic beverage inside and then spitting chunks or emphatically defending the city of Philadelphia or the Harry Potter series and then barfing up a storm.
"Hey man, I can't believe it. I sileemed it last night. So embarrassing."

"She's super hot, but she sileemed it in front of me. She's in my No Fly Zone now."

"I gotta get buzzed for this party tonight, but I gotta make sure I don't drink too much and sileem it. That's not justice."

"Let's kick that kid who's sileeming right now into his own vomit."
by Aladin's Weed Dealer August 01, 2011
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