A organization based upon the shiekh guru Kahiem Roel orchestrated rythm of swordsman ship of the khanda on his upper left hand with spreading jainism symbol right knowledge right principle right conduct on index and ring finger. Highly religious name life of the Hebrew nation with Roel being secret Sikh society on healing powers and combat war mercenary tactical skill intelligence making the Punjabi warriors set a four square metric system in our out the cubic frame with four single digit numbers basic form of angel numbers 4415 twisting ninja blades tossing darts completing the square cubic cylinders with all numbers split if not complete single digit form numbers. Protecting the Sikh from hate crimes and descrimination of soleimy interpretations with verses from Songs of Solomon.
The Sikhism dharma organization is kahiem Roel's new symbolism of Sikhism and jainism giving waheguru ji and micchami dukkadam a religious lingo making the religion in the sixth century carrying it's legacy with the framework of war with loka in the past lifes war to reincarnate the world's set computerized system never ending without gods force of will power.
by Sikhism Dharma Organization November 18, 2021
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