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Significant Other Dependency Syndrome or SODS effects millions of north americans. The symptoms include but are not limited to : change in sleep patterns ex. staying in and passing out by 10 on a friday night, decreased attention on ones personal fitness level (often referred to as comfort weight), the inability to sleep comfortably alone, the necessity to be in constant contact and in severe cases they even multiply.

These people often socialize with their own type. It is very uncommon to find only a couple people with SODS at a party. They used to go through a ritual so we could identify these people easily by a quick glance at their left hand but now many have abandoned this ritual which leaves them unnoticed.
"Did you go to that house party last night?"
"Yea, it was terrible! Everyone there had Significant Other Dependency Syndrome (SODS)"
by CynicalCanadian October 24, 2011
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