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The sigma male grindset refers to the the superior mindset possessed by the male at the top of the social hierarchy, also known as the sigma. This grindset is often mentioned when the sigma does something that may be considered based and redpilled. Society (runned by betas) views the Sigma as a threat. He is thus often a victim of societal ostracism for his intrinsically based nature. He is the victim of a systematic societal hate crime.
Instance of the Sigma Male Grindset:

(Low IQ beta judge): you are charged with 17 counts of corporate embezzlement. What do you have to say in your defence?

(Sigma male, representing himself like a true chad): your honour, first of all, you're a stinky poo. Second, you do not understand the grind. I must exploit the weak to maximize entertainment value, and personal gains. It is simply in my based and redpilled nature. Is that really a crime?

(Beta judge, realising his substantial error): yooo my bad, all charges dropped. Respect the grindset bro 📈
by Samueliscool223 August 13, 2021
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This expression refers to the strive of a sigma male to become better at something, or to attain a goal. "grindset" is a portmanteau of the words "grind" and "mindset", and it expresses the determination and complete focus of a sigma male towards the tedious tasks required for achieving a desired result, oftentimes to the detriment of other aspects of life, namely social and romantic, not because he is forced by circumstance, but because he wants to. It expresses complete and sometimes obsessive dedication towards reaching a certain personal goal.
This expression has been incorrectly and derogatorily used as a way to describe the actions of men who want to seem successful for ulterior motives, who want to justify being assholes, or who want to justify a lack of a social/romantic life. The man who has the sigma male grindset is not the guy who acts aloof in pubs in order to impress women, or the guy who uses it as an excuse for not having friends. The man who has the sigma male grindset is the guy who always clocks in early at his job, always leaves late, and always overperforms. He's the guy who is constantly working, constantly studying, constantly advancing and working towards his goals.
Joe: Hey Bob. Have you seen Frank?
Bob: Yea, he's at his desk.
Joe: Is he ok? I wanted to go and grab a beer with him the other day, and he said that he's busy, then hung up. What's up with that?
Bob: Frank has that sigma male grindset. He's got his eyes on that promotion, and he's not gonna let it get away. Not to mention that he's been working towards building a side business. He's crazy busy, I don't know how he handles it.
by 22-15-9-4 May 2, 2022
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