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Slang code word for “Single Mother” utilizing the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (Used by the U.S. Military as well as others) equivalents for the initialism S.M. Although the initialism bares similarity to the slang term “MILF” (Not to be confused with the Filipino militant Islamic group “Moro Islamic Liberation Front”), MILFs were more in the context of being older than the identifier such as the mother of a peer or friend (as in the 1999 American Pop culture classic “American Pie”, which brought further attention to the term “MILF”). Sierra Mikes (Single Mothers/Moms) are characterized, more so, as being younger, roughly the same age or younger, as the person making identification. Both Sierra Mikes and MILFs can be attractive and desirable given circumstances.
Wow! That girl is hot! Wait, she has a kid…SIERRA MIKE ALERT!!!
by Bob D. Bomb March 15, 2015
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