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If ever you come in contact with a Sidne specifically one with a name spelled like this. You find that she is quite (at first) but calm, very subtle, but really beautiful slim pretty funny and extremely nice. Soft toned, easy going and very intelligent. Tallish, nicely tanned/ like a lighter shade of Ebony. Has a great smile and pretty easy to talk and chill with.
Daniel: Hey man did you do the Trig Hw I didn't get it.
Chris: haha yeah it was pretty simple I was working on it with Sidne. She's pretty good at it too you should ask her she's really easy to talk to.
Daniel: oh ha, a'ight man thanks.
by R0LLiAS October 27, 2013
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Sidné is an AMAZING friend! She may come off as "rude" or "scary", but trust deep down she is full of love and kindness. She's extremely beautiful, especially with her glasses on ;) Sidné has too many man's after her, she doesn't know what to do. Sidné has a soft spot for little children. She may seem a little depro at times, buy Erin's can fix that most of the time. At the end of the day if she doesn't like you, she will be straight up with you but if she does like you, she will literally do anything for you. Sidné also has a great booty ;)
Josh: Where's Sidné?

Bradley: Why?
Cohen: He's jux

Josh: Have you seen her ass?
by Tense. March 23, 2019
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