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A side race is any race in America that isn't white or black. They would be considered minorities from any region. The reason why I call them a side race is because they are overshadowed constantly by the 2 mainstream races which are the blacks and the whites. They aren't involved in the big race war that you automatically become involved in once your both ether race in America. The race war in America between the blacks & the whites has been going on since slavery days. A side race's symptoms maybe jealousy,envy,anger, or captian obvious. They often feel resentment that their race is considered irrelevant by society and that their opinions are often deemed insignificant and meaningless because they aren't in ether races shoes due to this obvious fact they are often observing and giving a outside perspective that benefits no one and that we can all see.
White man: Nigger please ha ha.
Black man: Yo alan thats not cool right there we've been friends for 2 yrs. but you can't just go around saying nigger like that.
White man: Well if you can say it I can.
Black man: Ahh hell no *knocks white man out*
Indian asian: I think you over reacted Jamal maybe we should call the police.
Black man: I'm not calling po po you must be up out of your mind f that and f you to you stupid side race! Nobody cares what you think we've just been keeping you around as a token.
by JazJ March 17, 2011
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