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An online joke encyclopedia, created by Rob Manuel of b3ta fame. Home to over 40,000 jokes, the website has many regular user's, including; Baldlice, ht, MICKTHEMAG, Bawbag, ReligatePen, tricyclic_looper, Justin Cider, Itchyanus, Nufcdude, becsnicetits, brucewillis, albertgordon, seanybiker, sticky, donkeyjoker, El.hannen, lovelace, MAGGOT, norman, embassyno1, and of course, the one and only Grammar Nazi, Fles.
Man 1; Man I went on Sickipedia last night, I Lol'd so hard.
Man 2; Really? I'll check it out.
by GingerNinger July 29, 2009
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