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Shy Sprites are little guys who hide in leaves. Their eyes are exceedingly gigantic! Shy sprites have black eyes; their eyes may glow in the dark. Shy Sprites may have brown or grey eyes, as these sprites change colors to match their envirornments. Who knows? Shy Sprites may have green eyes; it is unknown if their eyes become hazel.

Shy Sprites have green, greenish grey, or grey skin. They have black antennas on their heads. Shy Sprites look like babies with pointed ears. Ears point upwards. Shy Sprites have small noses and "shy smiles!" They are "too adorable." Yes, most babies are adorable, but Shy Sprites are really adorable. They are way too cute to be elves! (That is why humans suspect these are sprites.)

These little guys get their name because they have semi-interested and terrified expressions on their faces. They seem willing to come out from hiding, but they do not know " what they're gonna get!" That could be the reason they hide. Shy Sprites may risk getting "tweaked." That means if they do come out from behind those leaves, Shy Sprites have their cheeks pinched by every girl in their local radiuses.
Aw, he's a shy sprite!
by Ifuckingtriedok July 26, 2009
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