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Well, basically, this is a verb. Sometimes it can be used as an insult, though it doesn't make any sense, it's just fun to say.. especially when no one knows what it means. Shutter-face pretty much means when a guy puts his penis in a girl's mouth, and she sucks. Or, as my friend likes to say it's 'masturbating with the mouth'.

This word combination originated not long ago when I was talking about a girl at the gas station to a friend, wanting her to 'shut her face'. My friend thought I had said 'shutter-face', which.. wasn't a word, so she made up a long story for me.. pretending it was a real word. The End.
Dude: "I got shutter-faced last night.."
Dude 2: "Yeah right!"
Dude: "I'm dead serious.."

Chick: "God that guy is such a shutter-face.."
Chick 2: "That doesn't really make any sense.."

Chick: "Shut your face!"
Dude: "What? You're gonna shutter-face me?"
by DanceToTheCadence December 23, 2008
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