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First coined by Victoria Beckham on a lesser known Spice Girls track, shumby is basic sexual innuendo and can be used to allude to any form of genitalia or sexual act.
"I want your shunby"
"let's get shumby"
"give a little shumby, get a lot of love"
"shumby my shumby all night long"
by Andrew McDonald March 12, 2006
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A period of time after you haven't slept for over 24 hours whilst having been on a drug binge and the paranoia starts kicking in whereby you think people are talking about you, cops are nearby, but mostly general paranoia.

Can also be a competition to make your friends go bad and freak out.
Check Tommy going shumbies over there in the corner chewing his fingers off. Old shumbledore himself.
by Shumbledore June 14, 2017
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