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Manga with over 20 volumes in Japan and only 3 in english. Reading Manga does not make you wapanese.

Shugo Chara's main character is Amu Hinamori, a girl who wishes to truly be herself. One day she finds a surprise-3 Magical Eggs! They hatch and become her Guardian Characters, herself in smaller forms, and they help her and her friends battle the wicked Easter corp. from finding the Embryo (An egg that grants any wish) and using it for bad reasons.
Shugo Chara!-Book
Shugo Chara!-Anime
by ashlynec February 16, 2008
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Could have the potential to be a really kickass manga if it weren't 'magical girl'.

Basically, you have this girl name Amu who is misjudged by her peers because she dresses 'punk'. So one night she wishes to be the 'real' her, which is a girl that loves to transform into a pink Sailor Moon. She wakes up to find three eggs in her bed, or what they call themselves as 'charas'. (In Japanese, Shugo Chara means my Guardian Characters-NOT THE SAME AS MY GUARDIAN ANGELS)

In the chara world, there is a coorperation called Easter (Yes.) that want to go after the Embryo (YES.), which is an egg that will grant the wish of whoever captures it. Easter has some pretty crappy tactics as to getting the egg and they end up using a girl named Utau Hoshina (Later revealed to be Utau Tsukiyomi) for her singing talents (In Japanese Utau means 'sing') to literally 'sing' the X eggs out of an audiences' chest.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi, possibly one of the hottest shoujo boys you will ever meet, is blackmailed and signed to Easter by a contract his father, Aruto, made the day he decided to marry Utau and Ikuto's mother, Souko. He must work for Easter until they find the Embryo. Aruto was a famous violinist, and Ikuto posesses the same talent.

It's a pretty good psychological story if you look past the kiddie factor.
Shugo Chara is a magical girl series that stars an amazing fashionista.

Do not, under any circumstance, watch the anime. You will be very disappointed.
by trippin on ice September 05, 2011
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It is a copy of Sailor Moon, which came out 15 years before Shugo Chara (SM- 1992, SC- 17).

Basically about some girl who transforms and fights x eggs and monsters (second season) episode after episode after episode.

The people who created this piece of junk obviously have no creativity.
Anime Executive #1: Damn, we're losing a lot of revenue due to the economic downturn.

Anime executive 2: Oh hell just copy Sailor Moon and release it under the name Shugo Chara it will sure get all the wapanese fanboys excited.
by James_91 August 09, 2009
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