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"THE FUTURE OF THE FRESH COAST IS ON HIS SHOULDER$…Shugga $hane is one of the HOTTEST emerging rappers from the West Side… comin out of the 213, Lo$ Angeles California. Raised in the heart of the city, Shugga was naturally a product of his environment. A quick witted, flashy dressing hustler, grindin all over the streets of L.A. Shugga brings a one of a kind swag/style to the mic that others cannot duplicate. One of the Founding members of B.C.F./Crown Fam Records, this rapper has gained major buzz and street fame in Los Angeles, Orange County, Hollywood, the Inland Empire and other parts of So Cal. Being one of the few Bengali rappers in the game, especially one with SKILL, Shugga Shane is well known Internationally, especially in his home country of Bangladesh as well as surrouding areas like India, Pakistan, and also Canada & The United Kingdom. Through out his Career this young emcee has rocked stages all over CA; Night Clubs, Bars, Lounges, Concert Halls, Universities, School Auditoriums, Theatres, Outdoor Stages to House Parties! He has been mentioned in RIME Mag, The Bizness Mag, MANY MANY websites/Music blogs from all over the world, Airplay from various College radios (Kbeach, Bruin Radio, etc..) are just small achievements to this young emcee on the road to greater success & stardom!"
Shugga shane is the shit. Rhymes are tight. He WILL bring West coasT back, bitch
by niggajackaa December 29, 2011
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