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The pairing between th Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, Dinosaur Ryuzaki (Rex Raptor in the english dub) and Insector Haga (Weevil Underwood). A pretty rare pairing, and it's not common to find many fanworks dedicated to them, but as far as rare Yu-Gi-Oh! pairings go, this would have to be the most popular.

It's called Shrimpshipping because compared to the other characters, they are quite short, and an american insult is, Shrimp.
It-is-so-amazing-and-obvious! Shrimpshipping is my favorite pairing in the series! Sure, they may not seem like the people who would fall for someone (Let alone themselves), but they've become very close over the series, whever it's stowing away on a plane together, trying to get into tournements together, or dealing with gangs beating them up...TOGETHER. Also, I've counted, and there has been three hugs between them, and dozens of adorable scenes.
by Eleanorose123 March 02, 2010
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