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A state in which one completely removes themselves form the outside world in order to create a personal utopia. Shrew mode consists of the silencing of one's mobile phone in tandem with complete ignorance of any landlines present. Ideally, it is a time spent in the nude wearing nothing but socks and perhaps a towel; however, certain residency restraints may prohibit this from being possible. A typical entrance to shrew mode consists of ingesting large amounts of THC while alternating between eating, laying on a couch/bed, listening to music, getting lost in one's own thoughts, ingesting more THC, jerking off, showering, and thoroughly enjoying that no one can contact you to ruin this heavenous endeavor. In the event that one shrew notices his silent cell phone lighting up signifying a received text message or incoming call, it is customary tradition to look away and curse whoever is trying to ruin your time.
Ex. 1 -

Froob: Bro, Leonard hasn't been answering his phone for a couple days
Vincent: Dude, he's probably in shrew mode
Froob: That's the 5th time he's gone into shrew mode this month, I wish I lived his life...

Ex. 2 -
Jones 1: Dude how come you didn't answer my calls all week?
Jones 2: Sorry man, I was in shrew mode from Monday til today.
Jones 1: Understood man.

Ex. 3 -

Chud: How come you never respond to my texts bro?
Savage: Because half the time I'm in shrew mode and half the time I ignore you because you're a douche.
by Shrewbleton October 31, 2011
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