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Created in 2007 by two guys who worked at Great American Cookies in the Altamonte Springs Mall, the Shrek Daddy Mac is created by combining two Double Cheeseburgers and a McChicken in a precise order. You take the first Double Cheeseburger, separate it so it's in 2 halves with a bun, a slice of cheese, and a patty on each half. You then do the same with the other Double Cheeseburger. Then you put the two bottom halves onto each other, the McChicken in the middle bun and all, and then the two top halves on top. If you did it right, you should have a bottom bun, a patty, a slice of cheese, another bottom bun, another patty, another slice of cheese, an entire McChicken, another patty, a top bun, another patty, and one last top bun. And that my friends, is the Shrek Daddy Mac. Enjoy it.

All rights go to Comito and Richie.
"I'm so full. On my break I went upstairs to the food court and bought McDonalds, then I made myself a Shrek Daddy Mac."
by Jace555 May 04, 2009
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