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A mildly popular, homo-erotic game commonly played among young adult men in a college athletic type setting.

Requirements: 4+ people
Large, open shower facility (usually in a dorm or gym building)
1+ bar(s) of soap
Predetermined "Goals" (equal in size) for both teams

Game Play/Rules:
- All players undress completely and enter the shower area.
- Turn on all shower heads to properly wet the floor/playing field (leave them on to prevent the playing field from drying).
- Set up goals for both teams on opposing walls of the playing field. Must be equal in size and difficulty.
- Divide all participants into 2 equal teams. (Some sort of marking (ie: sharpie) is recommended to distinguish team members.
- Place bar of soap in the middle of the playing field.
- All partipants must be touching the far wall of the shower area before the game can begin.
- A countdown of "3, (pause) 2, (pause) 1, (Pause) GO!" will be given and no participant may leave the wall until the countdown is complete.
- When the countdown is complete all participants are free to run/walk/slip/slide to the center of the field and gain posession of the soap.
- No body part except the feet may be used to handle/manipulate the soap.
- 1 point is given to a team for scoring on the opposing teams goal.
- There is no pause in gameplay after a goal is scored.
- Each game shal be timed, and last 15 minutes. (Any goals scored after the 15 minutes do not count)
- If the game is tied at the end of the 15 minutes, the game will go into "overtime"
- "Overtime" will last 3 minutes, and the team who scores the most points in "overtime" will be declared the winner.
- Any intentional pushing, shoving, tripping, etc. will be deemed a "penalty"
- The punishment of a "penalty" is to be determined by the teams beforehand (usually a spanking to the buttocks)
"Hey, do you want to go play a game of shower hockey?"

See 'definition' for game rules
by ..B.. September 11, 2008
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