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The particular flavour of shock, shame, guilt and revulsion experienced when you go to sit on a public toilet expecting the kiss of cold plastic, and find it pre-warmed by a pair of unfamiliar buttocks.

Showberryness only ever applies when sharing a strangers second hand bum warmth in a cramped cubicle comes as a complete shock. Showberryness is always spiced with a degree of surprise.

The degree of showberryness experienced is directly proportional to the heat of the toilet seat, from an almost imperceptible reaction to a lukewarm / borderline cold seat, to barely suppressed nausea caused by a recent volcano arsed occupant.

Although showberryness is usually a fleeting sensation, a 'flashback' variant is not uncommon if you discover who you caught showberryness off soon after the event.

If you hang around in puplic toilets waiting for strangers to vacate cubicles so you can kiss cheeks at one remove, then you either live somewhere very cold and have developed a commendable survival technique, or you're fucking perverted. Neither of these examples can be classed as true showbberryness.
by yonabout May 12, 2011
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