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A last ditch effort used to pick up women that essentially entails making a series of rapid, low effort, approaches, on multiple women, in a very short period of time.  It is beneficial when the PUA has arrived at the bar or club late in the evening and has little time remaining before last call.  It is risky maneuvre because, due to the lack of effort put into each individual approach, it is likely that the PUA will face several harsh rejections prior to achieving success. Multiple rejections in such a short timeframe could leave the PUA's confidence shattered beyond repair.
Dude #1: "Dude, why the fuck have I seen Andy talking to ten different women in the past five minutes?"
Dude #2: "It's almost last call, and he showed up late, so he's resorted to implementing the Shotgun Approach."
Dude #1: "That's a risky maneuvre bro, I hope he knows what he's doing."
by January 04, 2012
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