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To know Shorty Street, which is short for Shortland Street, you need to know where a tiny little island called New Zealand is. New Zealand is off the coast of Australia and is the home of a race of Polynesians called MAORIS and was invaded and conquered by Europeans under the command of the Monarch of Britain. Now, Shortland Street is a show drama show set in a hospital in Auckland City. It is one of those shows that you either love or hate, but the majority of sane people hate it. In this drama, the many employees and associates of the hospital are plagued by numerous bad things that eventually force them to leave. The catch is that they don't know that. It is probably the most famous TV show in New Zealand, and has immortalized lines such as:
---->"Shorty Street is crap!"<----

---->"Shortland Street is on at seven o'clock!"<----

---->"You're not in Guatemala now, Doctor Ropata!"<----

And as if anyone knows where Guatemala is (I thought it was some island near Fiji!)
by Joshua Livingstone July 01, 2008
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