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A terminal illness in which someone tugs so hard on ones genitals, trying to be funny. But are considered a Dick tugger or a Cock rider. Shortbusdicktuggeritus is an incurable illness. The only way to slow down this illness is to stop tugging and remain off the short bus for a long period of time.
Symptoms are: Swelling of the hand(s), shattered ego, and Dick sneezing
A Dick tugger is defined as someone who metaphorically tugs on someones genitals by making stupid remarks and retarded jokes or grinds on them trying to be cool or wants nothing more to hop on their shit and grind away until there's infact nothing left to grind on.
Man, you're tugging on my shit so hard it might fall off. Do you suffer from Shortbusdicktuggeritus?
by grindhardorgohome January 16, 2011
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