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Shoptard (or 'Shoptard) is an individual possessing little to no Photoshop skill or experience, but who claims to be a legend in it. Most Shoptards will, however, seek out training by way of tutorials found on many websites, but their final results are rarely, if ever, anything like the tutorials.

Shoptards' work is easy to replicate, as long as you have the ability to open and use filters, and heavy use of both bevel/emboss and lens flare.

Shoptards are also easily identifiable through their constant insistence that gothic fonts are a good idea, and that print design in Photoshop is perfectly acceptable, if only because they don't know how to use Illustrator either.
A common Shoptard "Creative Process" in action:

"I don't know whether to use the 35mm or 50mm prime lens flare for this, but either way it's gonna look PRO..."
by Undercover2.0 August 19, 2011
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