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A g-rated alternative for shitty pity or tough tits when in polite company or around children. A snappy substitute for the phrases 'too bad for you' and 'what a pity that x happened'. Can also be used as an insult when employed as sarcasm or feigning concern for another's well-being.

The term originated in 2007 during a game of pool in someone's basement where young adults were swearing excessively at each other's shitty shots (ie 'you stupid fucktard, how the hell did you miss that?' and 'haha douchebag! that shot sucked ass!'). One of their mothers happened to walk in and declared 'Shooty Pooty' in response to yet another bad shot.
You missed again...shooty pooty!

Shooty Pooty, you lost.

(Insulting) Aw, poor wittle baby stubbed his toe, shooty pooty.
by Phoenix_Fire January 24, 2011
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