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Being bored at work and taking it out on your friends by sending hundreds of unnecessary e-mails on a daily basis. E-mails may include, obscure movie reviews, stories about meals paid for by your boss or photo albums consisting of pictures you sweaty at a bar molesting your girlfriend. Can also be done in the form of a mass text message.
Oh man, check out this Shooter McPatton i got today. "I wanted to throw out a good movie for everyone to rent. I watched it last night, and it’s a documentary (which I normally don’t like), but this one was really good. It was called ‘God grew tired of us’. It was about the “lost boys” from Sudan, and it shows there crazy journey from Sudan, to Ethiopia, to Kenya, to some of them America, then it shows them having to acclimate themselves to American life, and they had never seen electricity, showers, etc before. Very sad at times, but uplifting at times too."
by J. Wiese October 03, 2007
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