When a guy bangs a hot chick or beats off to amazing porn he shoots his load. It could be used as a joke too. As to insult someone or to threaten them.
Oh my, last night I banged some chick so hard I shot my load right into her mouth.

Now, as a joke:

Punk: Hey, screw you dude.

Cool kid: Dude no, I'm gunna shoot my load right into your cereal
by John Jenjins March 9, 2009
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When you bust a nut in a meat bag/female and pull the move that my dad did, also know as squirt and skirt.
Dude: What happened with you and Lisa last night
Dude 2: I shoot my load and hit the road
Dude: ok, cool. Wanna play modern warfare
by Niggabob50 September 17, 2020
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