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A wrestling move defined by "shooting" in on someone while they're standing up, grabbing their legs, and taking them down to the mat/ground/concrete with extreme prejudice.
Art will Shoot a Double. Art just shot a mad fucking power double on that kid then dropped him on his neck. I'm so pissed right now I could shoot a double on anything that moves.
by Alex Stortz September 28, 2008
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Coined after a wrestling move, it is a phrase often used by a person (who in most cases will be jacked and tan) to imply that he will literally "shoot" his body in on another person, grab both of their legs, lift them up, and proceed to drop them on their neck. The person "shooting" may grunt during the move or arm-pump afterwards to assert their dominance. Can also be followed up by a "monkey stomp."
Art is so jacked, he can shoot a double on a 500 pound boulder.
Art got so mad at the kid that he shot a double, dropped him on his neck, then monkey stomped the back of his head multiple times before walking away.
by Stortz October 08, 2008
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