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The translation of shokla is babygirl. When using the term "babygirl," it is preceded by the local Hawaiian island slang of, "howzit," or how is it going. In essence, you're asking a female infant how she is doing. Possible responses may come in the following forms. Tagalog translations provided.

I'm hungry! - Nagugutom ako!
My diaper is wet! - Ang basa na ang aking pantes!
I pooped! - Pootra Guess. Matek!

If any of the explanations for shokla does not suffice the usage you're looking for, then bading, bakla, o bayot na lang. It's a term used in the Philippines to fondly refer to a gay person.

Oh, diba H-rowtsee MaMa Lee Us?
Here are other examples of ways to use the following terms shokla, babygirl, and howzit:

Howzit shokla?
Howzit babygirl?
Howzit howzit?
Shokla, howzit?
Babygirl, howzit?
Howzit, howzit?
Magandang umaga Shokla.
Magandang umaga Babygirl.
Magandang umaga Howzit.
Ang ganda mo ngayon Shokla!
Ang ganda mo ngayon Babygirl!
Ang ganda mo ngayon Howzit!

Shokla: Howzit?!
Babygirl: Aight.
Shokla: Tru.
Babygirl: Sup boo, howzit?!
Shokla: Aight din.
Babygirl: Tru.
by Funyetas April 23, 2009
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