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A style of Rap where the lyricists rhymes about random and outrageous topics to "shock" the listener upon hearing it. The most well-known artist to adopt a Shock Rap style is EMINEM.
"I like happy things, I'm really calm and peaceful//
I like birds, trees, I like people//
I like funny things, that make me happy and gleeful//
Like when my teacher sucked my wee-wee in preschool//
The ill type, to stab myself with a steel spike//
While I blow my brain out, just to see what it feels like//
Cause this is how I am in real life//
I don't wanna just die a normal death//
I wanna be killed twice//
I just wanna scare somebody, with a gun threat//
When they're high off of drugs//
They haven't even done yet//
So bring the money by tonight, cause ya wife//
Said this is the biggest knife, she ever saw in her life//
I try to keep it positive, and play it cool//
Shoot up the playground//
And tell the kids to stay in school//"

- I'm Shady by EMINEM: classic example of Shock Rap.
by Mr.Jassssin August 12, 2009
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using word to catch your attention while blowing hot air.
1. yo i spit fast cus ima murda that ass while jerking off playing pogs

2. crash that plane that that faggot tyler's in

3. rays swag

4. shock rap
by mr evidence June 04, 2011
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What hip hop has become since the industry if saturated with so many artist that new artists will do anything to get noticed.
Shock rap is being used today like never before so that new artists can get noticed by the masses
by Anthony C. Street September 10, 2003
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