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(adj.) A type of frenzied dancing, usually done whilst under the influence of alcohol.

This dance can be seen in many nightclubs/bars/resturants where the performer has usually cleared a significant space on the dancefloor due to everybody else in the vicinity not wanting to be hit by his/her flapping limbs

'You seeing that man shock out?'

'yea, i woulnt get too close though, it looks like he's dribbling a bit'

by Upside-down Badger February 17, 2009
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'Shockout' is a term commonly associated with Dancehall reggae.However its origins can be traced back to the early eighties when Dj zebedee and Supreme S introduced Studio 1 tracks during soundclash battles.. You would hear ' Everybody Shockout,Shockout.....Shockout,Shockout' and then sound effects would ensue.
Chant or Dance.. Me just a "Shockout"
by Zach Zulu July 24, 2009
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